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When experience and professionalism matter

by Thom, a DUI client,

Being in a situation where I knew very little about how best to handle the situation Mr Robertson made sure to listen to my questions and clearly lay out the options. I was kept fully informed at all times of any changes or activity in my case and his office or Mr Robertson were always reachable if I had a question.

Risk/Consequences Talks for teenagers and Parents
Posted by a Criminal Defense client,

Kevin offers 1+ hour individual and group presentations to both parents and teenagers on the legal consequences and "what to do" if you are involved in a criminal or civil case. He met with my son and 7 or 8 of his buddies. They received valuable insights about their rights and learned how to protect themselves and avoid trouble. The sessions/meetings are interactive, highly informative, and a seasoned lawyer is able to reach youth in ways parents simply can't.

Impressive attorney with impressive results

I hired Mr. Robertson after getting arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit. While most of the legal advice I received from other sources told me I would definitely be facing a conviction, Mr. Robertson fought hard for my case. With hard work from myself and from Mr. Robertson, we received the best possible results. Adjudication was withheld and I was not convicted of DUI.

Mr. Robertson is extremely professional yet gets to know you on a personal level to ensure that he can play every angle in your case. He is also extremely patient and even though he is a busy man, he makes you feel like you are his only client. He is honest and always gives you the full spectrum of what could happen- worst case scenario to best case scenario- so you are never in the dark. I highly recommend Mr. Robertson. If you have the slightest chance at winning your case, he will figure out how to do it.

Patient and Caring--With You for the Long Haul

Kevin took on a very difficult case for a loved one with mental health issues and a long history with many counts against him. Kevin was there for me, and comforted me during months of incredibly tough times. He made several visits and handled the case with diplomatic and professional tactics that resulted in what I can only call a miraculous outcome--a release from jail with only time served and no extra probation! I still thank Kevin from the bottom of my heart for his enduring patience and doggedness. He will see you through to the end with compassion and wisdom.

Best Lawyer in Gainesville

by Peter, student and Criminal Defense client

I had a legal problem and Mr. Robertson and his partner helped me tremendously. They were both very level headed and knew what was going to happen. They told me things that I needed to do to be proactive and stay out of jail. I did these things, like volunteering, wrote an apology letter, among other things. I had to speak in front of my school judicial board and Mr. Robertson even coached me up on what to say and how to say it. After two weeks, Mr. Robertson ended up convincing the other party to drop the charges. I also think that he is a very nice man and genuinely cares about people. You would be lucky to have a lawyer of his caliber...if you can afford him.

Let's face it. Sometimes life gets in the way. Bad things happen to good people. Accusations are made. You make a mistake. You mess up. You're in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. You become overwhelmed and hopeless wondering if your life can ever get back on track. 

However, an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney can help move you forward. This is what I do. I fix things. I will relentlessly defend not only your legal rights; but your reputation, livelihood and liberty.

Here's what clients have said about how I've helped them move forward:

Above our family's expectations
by a Criminal Defense client

I truly believe sometimes the right person comes along and knows what to say, knows what to do, and gives a solid plan of action, follows through and not only picks up the pieces; but leaves a person better off. Mr. Robertson is this person. When our only son was arrested for DUI and drugs, a family friend referred us to Mr. Robertson. We called. He answered the phone. He met with us the same day. Minutes after stepping into his office, I knew he was the right person: Warm, intelligent, interested, and listened to our endless stream of questions. He calmed us all down with his patient explanations. Once he was on the case, he emailed and called and returned our calls. But mostly, I got the sense that he cared about our kid and fought several battles to get the positive result he got. He worked and worked until the district attorney gave in. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Robertson. The circumstances that led us to him were rough; but in the end, his advice and legal work got our son out of a very difficult and scary place. Really good.

 Criminal Defense Attorney

What Clients are saying

Expunging Records

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I will help you clear your Florida record by expunging or sealing your charges.

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Contact Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Lawyer Kevin Robertson. Whether you are charged with a DUIDrug Crime, Theft or a Violent Crime, as a former prosecutor, I know what strategy works to fiercely defend you against the vast resources of the state. 

 Criminal Defense

Hello. I'm attorney Kevin Robertson.

Thank you for allowing me to help you with your case. As a former prosecutor, I know the criminal justice system is confusing. As a  Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI Lawyer, I work to help clients navigate the court system, respond to police investigations, manage Mental Health concerns and deal with University of Florida Conduct Code issues. I also advise crime victims on their legal rights.